What We Do

Smith Industries, Inc currently maintains two mega-shredder locations, Joseph Smith & Sons, Inc and Recovermat Mid-Atlantic, LLC, in the Baltimore/Washington area.  Our mega-shredder plants are modern, industrial complexes of collection, transportation, processing, and shipping. Each of these plants are 'self-contained' recycling operations, turning raw scrap into 'mill ready' product. Rail service on-site, allows Smith to utilize its own 300 rail cars to move product efficiently to the mills. Our ability to contract and deliver to any point, domestic or international, assures that we can take advantage of the best market prices, worldwide. In turn, we offer competitive pricing to all our customers.

Both facilities operate inbound and outbound scales with automated systems which quickly and accurately process weight tickets and payment cards to reduce waiting time. On-site ATM machines make cash payment quick and easy.

Smith Industries, Inc. also maintains seventeen satellite yards throughout Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.